New year, new board, new ideals

Thanks for looking into OpenMPE. We’re at work on a new mission to match the new world HP has created with its source code licenses. Our board volunteers have worked with HP since 2002 to make that resource a reality. We extend our best wishes and good luck to the other seven license holders around the world.

You’ll be seeing changes to the main OpenMPE Web site over the next several months. We want to focus on what is most useful to the community with what we offer. Most importantly, we are working to connect with HP 3000 users who rely on the system for the years to come.

Welcome to the new world. We’ll update you soon on what’s worthy of your exploration.

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1 Response to New year, new board, new ideals

  1. Ron Seybold says:

    All good ideals. I look forward to the changes to come in the organization, post-2008 and HP’s agreement to distribute MPE source Open-ly, to limited field of licensees.

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