About OpenMPE


OpenMPE was organized as an advocacy group late in 2001, in response to Hewlett-Packard’s announcement of their discontinuance of support for the HP3000 and its MPE operating system.  Articles of Incorporation were filed in the State of Maryland in December 2001, and amended a few months later. The primary objective was to convince HP to provide source code for the MPE operating system so that businesses could continue their reliance on the stable, mature OS.  A 9-member Board of Directors serves for a two-year term, elected by the membership, which currently includes over 150 individuals.

Recent Announcements

In February 2010, HP announced its list of MPE source code licensees.  OpenMPE is pleased to be on this list, which also includes a developer of 3000 database utilities, suppliers of healthcare and ERP applications, and four independent resources for HP 3000 and MPE/iX support.

Achievements to Date

  • Successful negotiations with HP resulting in
    • Release of  MPE source code (read-only) to selected entities
    • Implementation of license transfer programs that extend beyond published support dates
    • HP 9000s allowed to be modified to add to the pool of A- and N-Class HP 3000s
    • Release of Jazz, Docs and Invent/3K
  • Cleared the way to allow for licensing of HP 3000 emulators
  • Organized emulator discussions with HP and three third parties

Role of OpenMPE

With HP’s source code license announcement, our focus has shifted from advocacy to co-ordinator of patch and emulation efforts, with a variety of planned services.  Additional announcements are forthcoming. OpenMPE is supported by contributions from members and MPE-related businesses.


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